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Front Suspension Clunk Issue


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I have been noticing a clunk noise while turning and hitting bumps just right... I was thinking it was my right side tie rod and have been putting it off. Well i finally decided to jack the truck up and do a very thorough inspection of everything. I checked everything and things seemed fine under the truck. I crawled out and went to do a wheel bearing check. I grabbed the tire and the whole tire moved an inch and a half as i heard the clunk!! This couldn't be the wheel bearing/hub. I wiggled it some more and looked back at my upper control arm and found this....


Upper Control Arm nut and the adjustment markings piece were gone (this is on the passenger side and on the bolt closer to the cab)




I could pull the bolt out with ease...




I have not touched the upper control arm in any way as far as repairs or even when i lowered it. My gues is that the alignment shop did not get the nut tightened tight enough and that it backed itself off. (Not going to that shop again)

I think that i got very luck that the bolt did not come out. What i found odd was the truck did not have any pull going down the road but did have very mild pull under heavier braking. This is where you adjust for camber angles, when camber is out of spec you get a pull in most cases.....Anyone know why i wouldn't have pull going down the road?

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Now i have to go and chase down a nut and also the measurement plate piece... after more time around my suspension i found one of my DJM ball joint boots torn, pretty sure this means i will have take tension off the torsion bar and then pop the ball joint out of the spindle... damn the luck (but i dont think the ball joint is bad)

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