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Bad A$S C6 In Jackson Tn


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They are awesome looking cars. I did not realize they were still making Grand Sports. What all does the Grand Sport package include? Do they come with the gigantic brakes? I dont keep up with the Vettes like I used to since I am married with almost 3 kids! LOL I am familiar with the Z06 and ZR1 of course!

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I know they are built for more like track style racing. They are wider and do come with the brakes. I think the brakes are the same as the Z06. They also have the same front as the Z06 too.


here is some info from GM



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The grand sport is the same thing as a z06 BUT doesn't have the ls7 in it. It has the aluminum frame and wide body and z06 brakes.one of the main reasons people buy these over the z06 is because they come in convertible and targa top unlike the z06. Sweet ride no doubt.

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