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Trans Toast?

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Driving down Rte1 today,floored to get around a tractor trailer doing 30,heard a loud boom them 1st gear is now slipping...limped home ...put in reverse to back in drive and making a noise like a baseball card on the spokes of your bike...put it in park and it rolls...

So Im sure its done...any suggestions? 125,000 miles i cant really complain

As a unemployed union electrician Ive only worked 7 weeks this year so I was looking for someone to refer me to a reputable shop....I live north of Philly

Anyone know ballpark how much a rebuild will cost?

thanksa everyone



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PerformaBuilt Transmissions

50 Slusser Lane

Sugarloaf PA, 18249




Not a shop but a local reputable builder. Could order yourself one of these with peace of mind on the build and have a local mechanic R&R it.

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A big thanks to Rockhead for his referral to Riz Transmissions .... Bob there is really cool and the big plus is that I finally get to put that Zippy kit in i bought back in 07 or so!!



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Update............. So it turns out that I get the call with the good news ,bad news conversation....good news is that the trans isnt completely ****ed..1 st gear slips but 2nd,3rd,4th arent that bad....but the bad is the sound I heard when I backed up was the transfer case...apparently there is a gear about the size of your hand is completely stripped...so the 1600 rebuild drops to 1500 and hes gonna charge me only for the part since its close to 500 for that...2k for the whole job....which is fantastic price and I have heard from 4 people now that the guy is aces!!

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