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Wrapping Vho

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Any feedback on wrapping a vehicle? I love my white but also want the murda'd look. Knowing my fickleness I'd probably wanna go back to a contrast after awhile so figured wrapping is a good option since my truck doesn't have a single ding/dent. Do wraps hold up? Can you wash your truck normally? How do you clean wraps? Is wrapping a vehicle like a "oh it's only a wrap" and looked down on?

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Generally not looked down on, it adds a lot of wow factor and is the easiest way to get a "matte" color vehicle if thats what you want. AFAIK It can be washed just the same as anything, it's the same as 3M clear wrap protection for rock chips, just with color in it now. I've been looking at wrapping my SS white for a while, but figure the money can be better spent on other mods atm. They will eventually deteriorate over time but if you buy a good quality wrap, not ebay shit, and get it done by a professional you can expect it to easily last 4-5 years maybe many more. This is all secondhand experience though, I have a friend who wraps cars for a living, as well as a friend with a fully 3M wrapped (clear) R35 GTR

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