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Met up with and got tuned by forum member, Kevin, aka "Krambo" today.


To start, he was extremely accommodating and informative to all of my questions and inquiries into pricing/how it all works/when he'd be available.


After we agreed on a time frame he was, again, extremely accommodating to make time for me and get it done. Very cordial, nice guy, fun to hang out with and definitely someone you could buy a beer for.


During the tune he was very knowledgeable and explained more or less the entire tuning process to me also giving me little tips here and there on random SSS stuff.


As for actual results:


I drove home from his house about 100 miles. I averaged 16.7 mpg, this was with about 15 miles of back winding roads, a little bit of stop & go traffic for maybe 5-10 miles at most and then pretty solid 75-80mph cruise control for the remainder. I've been averaging 14.5 overall so we'll see what the difference is longterm.

Other than the mileage the throttle response was night and day and I actually laughed out loud because it literally startled me on the first stopped WOT after I left his house. driving.gif


After I get a larger sample than the ~100miles home I'll see if I can post more updates on the performance differences.


All in all it was a great experience from the forum, to his house, back home. Would absolutely recommend to anyone! thumbsup.gif



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