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Painted Some Stuff

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Had to put new rotors and pads on so I figured if I have everything off.. Why not go to town and paint everything? All I need to do now is repaint the grill inside the brake ducts black :)













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the angle of the slot's and drills should always be rotating towards the front of the truck, if that makes sense?



As for the rotors i got them off of ebay from r1concepts. they sent me the wrong brake pads for the rears though so I wasn't too happy about that, going to give them hell tomorrow.



Thanks for the compliments everyone! I definitely love how unique it is, and the pictures definitely do not do it any justice, it stands out MUCH more in person.

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Looks great man! That's actually the same color choice I'm getting my truck setup for. Is that the G2 Green Caliper Paint? I love being different and always thought those 2 colors went quite well together. Now you've got me all excited about getting my truck finished, lol :thumbs:

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then are these rotors backwards? just getting confused now. this is just a pic i found online of a front drivers wheel. this is how baer said to mount. does it make a differnce?


depends what brand rotors you have, some say to mount the other way.

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