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New Front Suspension


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finally got my front suspension finished today after not having much time to work on it the last few months


parts i used


djm upper and lower control arms

powercoated stock spindles

qa1 double adj shocks

russell stainless steel brake lines # 672430 they do work on a 03 awd

energy suspension sway bar bushings # ens-9-5165R

energy suspension end links # ens-9-8121R

ebc usr slotted rotors

ebc green stuff pads



post-11977-080918400 1320628843_thumb.jpg


next week ill do the alignment and its on to the rear suspension


tru trac

rear end cover/girdle

qa1 double adj shocks

ebc rotors and pads


just want to thanks to NORCAL SS for helping me through this

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Wow! Nice setup. Damn near the same setup I am going with. What is the part number for the QA1's if you don't mind sharing. I have been researching them and haven't found what I am looking for so I was going to go with the LCA's and modify them to work with the DA QA1's. Also what brand of tie rods are those? I have everything to make a set but the tapered spindle.

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been down this road many times :) helped you out also. Hit me up when you get the rear ride height in and ill set you up with the right shock.


Like ive done on the sss before front with the double adj. and set at stiffest rebound on the qa1s keep it planted.



In rear once you get eye/eye measurements hollar back at me and ill get you the right double adjustable qa1.

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got it alined the other day finnished the brakes up i just powdercoated the stock ones for now til i put the z06 brakes on that i have had forever but never did anything with.also i just picked up a hydro boost setup out a wrecked 06 truck for 100 bucks i plan to install the tru trac today and rear cover hpoefully will see how that goes it seams like when ever i work on my own stuff at the shop i always get sidetracked.

post-11977-014557500 1321112880_thumb.jpg

post-11977-019956300 1321112908_thumb.jpg

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