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Will These Heads Work

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hey i was wondering if a set of ls3 heads will work on my 04 silveradoss the heads are stock only thing he has changed are the valve springs out of a ls6 im not sure if it will work jw cus he is getting rid of them for 250 which is a steal thatnks for any input

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Definitely worth it!!The factory L92/LS3 heads flow more CFM than ANY fully ported factory cathedral head,hell,probably better than any aftermarket cathedral port head!!!


As mentioned,youll need the l92 intake($200-$350),rocker stands($50-$60), 8 L92/LS3 intake rocker arms($80-$90),and a throttle body adaptor if u want to use your stock tb($50-$75) or a 90mm throttle body($150) and X link($225)Not a whole lot of $$$$ for the gain.You'd be best to put a camshaft in while its apart.Either an off the shelf grind used in a LY6 application(ly6=gen 4 iron 6.0 w/ l92 heads)or a custom cam from any vendor.


If you decide on those L92/LS3 heads,I have a LS2Portworks ported L92 truck intake w/ rails modded to fit the "stubby" injectors used in the ls3/ls7.The intake made 17hp more than a FAST 102 LS3 intake on LME's Superflow engine dyno.I bought the intake complete from my local GM dealer and sent it to Cory for the full port job, I think I paid around $400+ shipping for the port job.Looking to get $550 for the intake w/ fuel rails and ill throw in a ported 90mm throttle body for an extra $100 if you are interested...

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Ight cool man I'm gunna think about it proly still cheaper to get the intake from you than just buy two new heads but I know getting ahold of my turner is gunna b a issue which sucks I wish there was someone in va that I could take it to but I'm gunna give it some thinkin and ill get back to you this is my second time taken these heads of cus there leaking I'm hoping the block isn't warped

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