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Gas Mileage


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It totaly depends on driving speeds and my driving habbits.


I get around 13 driving mostly from home to work and back (mostly city with a tiny bit of highway)


When i drive the highways in Oregon (limit 55) and Im going about 65 I get 16-17, if I travel around 55 I have got as good as 18


When I was traveling the Highways in Arizona doing 80 i would get around 15-16

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I wonder why my truck gets such good mileage then...I usually drive 75 and hard.


2wd gets much better mileage on the highway.


I get about 13 or so in the city but its on its way down now that winter is here. With the cold temps now and remote starting it in the morning for a couple minutes it will probably be around 11-12. Highest I've ever got I think was like high 17's on when I was driving it from California to up here on the highway.

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