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Just wondering how old everyone is and when you got into the SSS or when you bought your SSS?


Im 23, my step dad got me into Chevy and taught me to hate ford.. I remember youtubing SSS all the time and when I finall got one I couldnt believe it and sometimes still cant believe it. my DREAM truck is 1990 454 ss

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I'm 31

Bought my 1st 06 SS bran new 4-15-06

Bought my 2nd used 06 SS 11-30-08

Bought my VHO 10-3-09


Been a Bowtie Guy since I can remember. Chevy's and GM is all in both sides of my family as far as I can remember and see pics of.


Live and die by my bowtie lol

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I'm 28, i've had my SSS for almost 2 years now. I've always liked them since they came out, and had always wanted one.



I've had my T/A for 7 years now. It had been my attainable dream car since i was in high school.

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