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Machined/Polished Dash Switch Panel


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looks like you did a good job but dam ... think you used thick enough aluminium lol ... i would have painted it black thou not a fan of polished stuff on the dash .


thanks. well i started off with 3/8 stock and milled it down to about .345" because thats the gap that had to be filled between the little compartment i mounted it too and the bezel itself. I wouldn't of used that thick of material if i didn't need too lol .I'm probably gonna have it anodized black but i'm waiting until i have a few other parts to send with it.

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Wish I could play with the cnc machines at my job...


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iamwithstupid.gif I think a brushed aluminum would be cool but weird at the same time since it wouldn't match anything else in the truck. I think it would be cool if the switches were closer together and you had "SS" etched into is on the bottom or top.

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looks awesome man. good work. once anodized or powdercoated itll look ( . )( . ) . you could sell these but like triple 7 said it wouls be sweet if you ran the switches all down at the bottom more and then etched ss in the top. either way its awesome man

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that looks awesome.... even better when powdercoated. What are the swithches for??





thanks guys. the switches are for my fog lights, amp, and ones empty but i think im gonna wire a set of exhaust cutouts to it in the future.

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