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New Exhaust On The Ss!


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So I woke up saturday morning and decided that the dynomax muffler in my truck was not agressive/loud enough for me anymore. So i took a trip out to the local speed shop (S&K Speed) and picked up a few pieces to fab up a new exhasut. Parts consisted of a 2.5 to 3 inch "Y" pipe, 3 inch Magnaflow bullit race muffler, 3 inch 90* pipe, 3" diameter straight pipe (6 inch length) and a set of tips that look very similar to the corsa exhaust tips. One of the welds on the "Y" pipe is leaking a little bit (you can hear it in the video) but im going to take care of that tomorrow when I have some free time. Here are some pics and a short video. Sorry for the iPhone quality...







click below for video



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:withstupid: I'd like to see it too!


No problem... Ill get some pics up of the bottom later today



i like how shiny new things are!!greddy.gif

... i know this is immature of me but can you like maybe tomorrow rev her up a little. i wanna know how loud it really is and if you drive it how "bad" it is inside you do not need to take video of the driving


I'll take another video today and make sure to rev it a little. As far as inside goes, you hear it but not as much as my last system. The last system was a dynomax muffler running the stock exhaust routing. This new exhaust is louder outside but somehow not as loud inside? if that makes any sense. And the dynomax would make this ridiculously annoying drone at 70-75 which is where most of my highway cruising is. This new exhaust has 0 drone. And makes an amazing angry sound above 3K RPM!! peelout.gif


For some reason photobucket is giving me an error message so the video doesn't work but it looks good from the pics!


Maybe the site was down?? Just checked the video right now and its working so maybe give it another try?

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That sounds really nice! And I don't want to criticize your hard work...but is it me or does it look like you tips stick out alot? It might look a little better if they were tucked in a little better and came out at a slant like Corsa exhaust does.

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