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Good Idea Or Not?


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i am installing a whipple on my 03 SS around the holidays but i wanted to spice up the equation and decided to add a cam and ported heads to it. Zippy recomended me to go with the lingenfelter GT2-3 cam with single springs but i also want to send my stock heads to be ported. will there be any problem or will i just be fine?

any help is apreciated.



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Personally, with the ability to just pulley down on the whipple to gain HP, a $100 pulley vs. a $3000+ head/cam/intake package is a no brainer. Unless you are going for a max effort build, I would just pulley down to your desired boost / power level and call it a day. You can always dig into the engine later if you want more. HOWEVER, if you are looking for the most out of your set-up right now and have deep pockets, do the H/C/I route.

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