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Hid Wont Light

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Well i recieved my ddm tuning 55w 6k kit finally and i installed per their directions, but the bulbs wont light. tried both sides, both bulbs, checked all the wiring anything i can think of. What am i missing? What am i doing wrong?:banghead:

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no i didnt. i was looking at that, it crossed my mind but i was like noo, it wasnt in the install guide. well thats kinda weird. i have their raptor ballast.


yep go try that then, they should fire right up when you flip the connectors :)

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Yes ... Flip the harness connectors .. Should light up ...


huh alright! sounds good! thanks! btw is the bulb supposed to fit in tight? like really tight? i cant even turn it by hand have to gently turn with pliers. its the right bulb and everything


Should fit snug, not Tight ... That being said, My low beams fit extremely tight, and I did the same ... LOL ...

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