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Hey everyone. I just got my 2005 fans in. I also just read the 10 pages in the how to section and still dont have a clue whats going on. Mainly because it doesnt make CLEAR SENSE...


I would like a fan 1 and fan 2. Have the one come on and the other come on at a higher temp OR with AC.


I also need them to run when the AC is requested.


I would like to know what pins of the PCM to use for a fan 1, fan 2, and to get the AC request working.


Some help on this would be great so I can start making my harness to run them.

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Its pins 33, and 42 on the PCM, Getting a the tune to turn on the fans will do everything you are asking for.


EDIT: In the PCM, when it commands :: fan 1, it does not control one fan, but both fans on low power.

Fan 2, will control only the passenger side fan on high, and when the PCM commands both fan 1 and fan 2, both fans will go on, on HIGH mode. The A/C system controls fan 2 in conjunction to ECT...

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I guess its all a matter of how you wire up the relays as well. I managed to find some diagrams online after some looking around and they have theirs set up to run only one PCM pin (42) and that will turn on both fans on low speed. Then wire in the AC wire and it will turn both fans on high.

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