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New Need Help Lol


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Hi I have a 03 silverado ss only thing not stock is cold air intake. I have a couple questions I plan on changing the stock muffler to a magnaflow would I need a dual 3" in and out to keep rest of exhaust the same in like the same exhaust tip or would it be a 2.5 in and out? Also should I gut the cat or replace with straight pipe I live in Louisiana so no worries bout inspections I just want more of a aggressive sound but I have two lip kids so I don't want to blown their ears out. Also engine light was on just had checked said all 02 sensors out and mass air flow sensor so I took sensor off and cleaned it what's best bet for the 02 sensors wait til I change muffler and possibly cats or just get oem sensors now or get aftermarket ones? Thanks for ur help in advance guys


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well it matters how much you love your truck o2 sensors say how much air and gas should go in so if you do not change them your truck will be dumb and could make a product rich which can ruin the exhaust/cat but seeing that you are getting a new it doesn't matter but you will get worse gas mileage then you should and i think about you exhaust question i think they make adapters for it


personally i would keep the cat

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