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Heated Seat Switch Acting Funky


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So I went to go warm my truck up yesterday morning (it was 10* outside brrr). I turned went to push the button on the heated seats and the lights did not come on. My first thought was that maybe a blew a fuse, but the seats actually started to heat up, but the light did not come on.


I dropped my truck off at a body shop on my way to work (stupid cladding was peeling on my passenger door). I then picked it up at noon. I decided to try the switch again and what do you know it worked. The seats came on and the light lit up. So I went back to work, well after work I tried it again. And the seats came on but no light. This morning I went to start up my truck again and It worked just fine.


Does anyone have any idea what might be going on here?


Do you think something might be wrong with my switch?

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