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Early 2012 Tshirt / Hoody Order


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With my college career coming to a close, I figured I would try to get up another order on shirts. For this go around, I believe I will go with another design for a fresh start to 2012. But I need your help. I need some high quality pictures so I can start the design process. I want your high quality pictures (180dpi or larger) sent to me via email ( [email protected] ). I will go through the pictures, and see which picture best fits the needs. I will do 3-4 designs in which I will create a poll that will show the design, and what the shirts will cost you. There may even be a hat, so keep your fingers crossed. After the poll has been ran, I will give a due date in which poll will be done. Then the ordering process will be started. All orders will need to be prepayed before I can order. But we will worry about that later. If there is not a big turn out, 50+ shirts, its not going to happen. So let your voice be heard, and lets hear some request so I can get some nice designs made up. Lets hear it people! This process will more than likely take about 2 months. For designing, voting, ete. This is due to me working a full time job, keeping my lil lady happy, and doing other side jobs. Happy Trails lol

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That my good sir sounds like a hell of a good game plan.


Thank you Blick. Plus, my last shirts we printed is about worn out lol With Christmas coming along, I figured a couple months would give people some time to catch up on money to get what they want.

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The shirt will be a little more graphic than just an SS or the Silverado SS logo. These are silveradss.com tshirt, and will be graphically dramatic more than likely. That maybe one of the option, and could cut cost. Thanks.

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I will send some pics. I am sick of having to buy shirts with black SSS on it I want another silver SSS besides the old SSS.com shirts


but yea I am down lol

I will send some pics in a couple weeks we are going to the field so I will be stuck :(

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