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Wtb: 2003 Silverado Ss Center Caps Silver


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Hey guys, looking for a couple center caps for my 2003 SS. I only need a couple. The centers of 2 of mine have turned white. I have the silver wheels. Part numbers: 15197885 or 15178170 from what I understand. Anyone have a couple in good shape?

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27 bucks Ebay Center Cap chrome silverado ss 03-07 1 cap looks like its a different P#.. Ill keep an eye out if its the one with crome cap only..... found one fer 60 bucks..#CHVC86

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Holy $hit!!!! I was wrong. The 139.95 from LMC is for 1 freaking cap! I thought that was a set of 4. Are they nuts? Are people really paying that for them???? That is almost $560 plus shipping!!!!

That's about what i payed for one through the GM dealer.
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Bump! Still looking for a couple silver center caps in good condition. Hoping for used so I dont have to pay 140 a piece for them! Yall let me know!


You should try SAEparts.com they have them new and pretty cheap....



I checked them, but all they had was chrome. Thanks though!

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