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Ar Rifles


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anyone out there into AR rifles and have custom made one or anything like that.




This is kinda what i want right now and i dont know if it would be better to get the whole complete rifle or just get the upper and get like a lower from another comany. Then the problem is there are so many lowers out there that it is hard to tell who has a good one i know Daniel defense is pretty good and i know of a few others that stood the test of time like Colt, spike, ect but just thought i would see if any one else out there had any good opinions or thoughts


I know there is no reason to have this but this is one of the other uppers i would like to have, and i can still use 5.56 magazines




how do you say over kill


i am down the line probly going to get a 7.62 rifle also but i figure the 5.56 is a good choice right now.

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I'll give fair disclosure, I know nothing about rifles. I'm a handgun guy. With that being said, I've read several threads on several firearm forums bragging about how awesome of a deal these AR-15s are.








My understanding is this is the same gun without the optics.








They were $999 and $599, but they still look to be a pretty good value.

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i am thinking about just getting a colt m4 bc i know it is a beast and i am familiar with the weapon and go from there, thanks for the feed back.



speaking of handguns this is the one i want but i dont know if i want black or not



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I know this is 1 month old, but I just got around to checking forums again. I own a DPMS Panther AP4 Carbine. I am in love with it. Chambered 5.56MM and was almost dead center accurate when I fired the first few rounds out of it. It's decked in all UTG products and looks killer! Paid $1,395 OTD about 4 years ago. Still a beuty today!

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