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Well i think ima put the truck back stock and sell it but anyways ima have the victor jr intake for sale with the elbow 42lb ls7 injectors with billet fuel rails and my cam pushrods and springs..all has abt 1,500 miles on them.... Would like to trade for a complete lowering kit or other stuff just lmk what u got.....dont really know what the atuff is worth so just shoot me an offer... And ill have the cam specs up later



Ok the cam specs ar


222 intake @ 50

226 exhaust @ 50

596 lift - intake

598 lift - exhaust

113 lobe seperation

111 centerline +2

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Bc im thinking abt selling but not sure yet and its not fishy bc no body os really in the market to buy a modded truck like that but a lowering kit isnt gonna turn peoole away like a truck with heads cam intake and all that

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And ill prob do 7 obo on the intake elbow and rails and injectors and prob 6 obo on the cam springs and push rods i mean i really dont know wht it would be worth


I am interested in the intake and elbow only thing is I can get new intake and elbow for $450 shipped so I am willing to work stuff out if you want. Thanks in advanced

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