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P0455 need to fix ASAP, I'm ready to do my 3/4 drop.


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Hey everyone


So the 06 SSS has been giving me this code for awhile now. It's p0455 already bought a new OE gas cap knowing it wouldn't fix it but just for doubts. I do have a surge at times when the truck sits at idle after running the truck.

So I just went back to check the dtc again before I made this post and I got P0036, P0054, P0455, and P0694. Which the other are probably from a o2 sensor acting up now and the last I think from a fan. I'm more worried about the evap code right since I'm going to be putting the 3/4 drop and lowering the fuel tank, so I might as well get that evap fixed if the part/s are along the way.

I'm also going to be swapping out the lq9 longblock so I'd rather get rid of any preexisting troubles now then after the swap.


Any help would be appreciated, already did the search and no clear info on this specific code.

Thx in advance guys.

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That specific code can be a large number of things which is why you're not finding any clear info. First and foremost, you need to check all of the hoses and lines for leaks(Anything that comes off of the fuel tank except for the actual fuel lines) I use a smoke machine at work for this. After that, you need to check all of the solenoids for propped operation and to make sure they are not leaking in the closed position. I haven't done this on a silverado recently so that is the extent of my advice. Good luck and keep us posted.

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I talked to my buddy last night, he named some other codes for the vent fix. So he's just gonna take the truck and do the smoke test at his bosses shop. Hopefully they can find the issue so I can get this fixed.



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Most likely a faulty Vent Solenoid Valve on the side of the gas tank. It is a common problem that GM has a TSB out on. The repair procedure has you replace the VSV and re-route the vent tube from the filler neck up to the transmission tunnel using 5/8 heater hose.....

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