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2005 Silverado SS For Sale


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Hey everyone figured I would post here first before craigslist or ebay. I am selling my SS, reason being is because I need a 4X4 for work and odd and end jobs I am starting to do. I am getting out of the Army, starting my own business and buying a farm soon and will have horses and equiptment I will need to pull. I really hate to get ride of it. I love this truck very much but I have to sell to meet my needs.


My SS has been my DD for the past 4 years so I have racked up miles on her driving from Seattle to Nashville but it has been babied and has been well maintained. I will be putting the stock stereo back in it too. I will be going through all my stuff and see what I have to sell and will post on a later date.


I am asking $17,500 for her. I feel that is a fair price for the SS so dont try and lowball me please. I still owe 10K on her but I have it financed through my bank and getting a title is no problem. I will keep it on here for a few weeks before I post on craigslist or ebay




2005 Silverado SS 2WD


120K miles



Cat Delete

Dual Magnaflow mufflers dumped

160* SLP T-stat

Color matched CAI

Wheatley tune



24" U2 50B wheels

Soft bed cover

Tinted LED tails

Shopman Bowtie

Suede Headliner



Needs a little paint nothing major just normal wear

Tranny is starting to slip














Thanks for looking.



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Yea Divorce will do it to ya. I am trying to get a D-Max now. I would rather it go to someone who appreciates it vs trading it in.






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Don't sell here's why...


I sure do love my truck. I love my truck so much dont think its even possible to love a truck that much. so thats a lot of truck love, but i am still in love with it after 3 years.


only issues so far was the water pump and that was a 1hr job, and my cats came apart so i just deleted them,


my new problem is my dagnabit exhaust keeps getting leaks in it


Sent from my 4G Razor


Sent from my 4G Razor

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I sent you a pm, dont know if you saw it, I have a dmax, pm me if you want to trade/talk whatever.


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I never got your PM man. I'll send you one

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