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New toy..


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So I picked up my first hand gun yesterday. It's a Taurus PT 1911. I've always wanted a 1911 just never got the chance to get one but I'm happy with it. Now I've just got to shoot it!!


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Very nice choice , 1911 is my next handgun for sure . i really like some of the kimbers.


i just got back from the range , i took my desert eagle and a group of military coeds were shooting , i let them pop off a couple .50ae rounds . one of the girls wanted to give it a go i was hesitant on letter her with the 50ae but her friends assured me she had experience and seemed to have some knowledge from what i saw so i loaded a single shot and omfg , the gun kicked and wacked her right in the forehead, it was almost identical to this but not as bad



sorry for the hi jack but i had to share with someone , im just glad she didnt drop it .or hurt someone.

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I am buying my brother in laws Ruger 1911 off him in a few weeks. He bought it and never shot it.

I bought a Taurus PT709 slim with the stainless barrell a few months ago for my carry gun and love it. Taurus makes some very good guns in my opinion.

Good choice on the gun. You will enjoy it!

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Ill tell you since I own the 1911 I posted. They are good guns. Rarely misfire or jam. Out of about 1500 rounds I think I've had 3 jams. 2 were my error. Didn't seat the mag in all the way. Also all 1911 mags are interchangeable. Idk what size you have but smith & wesson has 8 Rounders. You can get 10 and 15 round mags but those are cheap and a lot of people have issues with them. But they can take a beating and don't need to be cleaned after every outing. Just keep it oiled with some remoil


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