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03 ss awd. Odessa, TX

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whats up guys,


ive owned my ss since november of 2011. I always wanted a victory red 03 awd ss and finally got it. I finally had the time to become a member today. Right now my truck is at Nelsons Performance in San Antonio, TX. Dropping in a forged 5.7, front mount turbo, methanol kit, 100 pnd inj, edelbrock high rise intake, and a few more extra goodies. Also got my gauges customized by the gmguy from this website. (everybody seems to know him from his awesome work.) I'll post pics soon.

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well when i bought the truck i blew the 6.0 4 days later. So then I put the truck up for a while since i work in the oilfield, gave myself time to think on what to do to it. Well my buddy had almost the same setup as me on a 2008 gmc crew cab. He took the 5.3 out and did the forged 5.7. Man it was a monster, it ran a 12.4 at the 1/4 mile. It just ran beautiful and the motor never gave him problems. I'll see how mine runs next week, it is still at nelsons performance in SA, TX.

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