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SilveradoSS tour idea...


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This website should host like a US/Canada Silverado SS tour somehow, where they make stops in different states to have truck shows/get-togethers where we can all hang out, drool over each others trucks, and have fun hah


I thought about that idea the other day because there is like NO one else in my tiny-ass town with an SS so it gets lonely over here hah


Just thought I'd share my little idea(:

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Nobody else here has an SS either. Good idea but overall there weren't that many made to get much of a following. Most of us are on budgets so i don't see any of us driving around Canada and the Us. Plus I am trying to keep it low miles.

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i know what you mean man , i got nobody in saskatoon here so my plan this yr is to jump over to alberta for a wknd. i dont see many people goin on tours though. everyones got jobs and familys

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