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2012 truckin throwdown fail video

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The Throwdown was on Saturday, I only made it through the first event and I busted the bracket on the brand new supercharger that holds on the idler pulley. We ended up leaving after everyone took there 1/4 mile runs. I got a couple clips of my truck running the slalom and a couple of Chase running the 1/4 mile. Congrats to Chase for taking 1st place in the street class.


Pretty dissapointing but there is always next year. I am sure Chase will have a bunch of pics and vids sometime this week.


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carnage pics or it didnt happen ... j/k truck sounds sick!! did they give out 1/4 times? if so what was everybody running?


Here is the broken part. Just some cast garbage. Im pretty sure Chase ran a 10.9 I dont know what the other people ran



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dam greg lol .... if your breaking stuff like that man keep an eye on your water pump pulley , i just spun mine off so i went and bought a new one and had the pulley welded on since they are pressed on from the factory. check it out ...



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thanks for those vids greg , they are the first good ones i have seen of the event. the road course was amazing i really hope video emerges of that.


i am glad i won and all but hopefully the damage is not too bad, i gladly would have taken an idler bracket over my failure. this event is a true test of stregnth.with trucks like our awd ss and the power we are making , the chance of making it through the event with a flawless victorys is very slim.

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