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99 5.3 swap to Ss motor have some questions

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Hey guys his is my first post on here. I was a frequent flyer over on dieselplace when I had my Duramax. I have recently switched to a 99 Chevy ext cab short box that I built with a 04 cab and 02 gmc front end painted a dark charcoal woth black 18's. Has the little 5.3 in it. My friend owns a giant salvage yard and he gets ss trucks in sometimes. I want to swap a Ss motor into my truck. I have a guy that will tune it. But my main questions are am I going to have to make motor mounts? Will tranny bolt up? And what all will I need off the Ss truck to do this swap. Any help is appreciated. If I posted in te wrong section I apologize and a mod can move it to the right location. Thanks jake

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Awesome! Alright thanks guys I appreciate it. I'm going to have billy who owns the salvage yard keep an eye out for one. The guy who painted my truck bought a 2004 6.0 with supercharger and ken bell fuel system for 1000 bucks from billy and he put it in a h2. I wish I could of gotten that motor but I'll wait for that right deal to come around.

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