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Well Hell

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Been tossing up the idea of turbocharging my HSV.

As much as I want a SSS id dont know if I'll be able to get one and convert it.

The only ones here are black which are nice but hell all my cars are black.

Guess still have to wait and see.

To be honest as soon as the truck gets converted its pretty much fudged as far as value goes.

You guys here have way to nice of rides to mess up the way i have to d it.

If i could find one crap load of miles a great interior and exterior for 10k or less that would be awesome then i wouldnt feel so bad converting it.


The HSV has a similar drive train as the SSS. its AWD and Auto. The HSV has a LS1 already in her. I have to do to the SSS. Tuning here the LSx is better option.

I like them both but as a Texan the truck is near dear.


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