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TL down.


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Was on the way back from the beach and hit construction. A New Acura TL comes flying past me on the merge and gets in front of me. After 15 minutes of 1 lane put put traffic it finally let's up into two lanes. I cruise past him and he just chills back. Catch a light and hes behind. Light turns green and he gets over and flies past. Catch another light and I get over because a car was in his lane (three lanes now). He takes the challenge and gets next to me. Turns green and he spins a tiny bit enough to make a squeek. I floor it. GONE. By the time I was out of first he was 2 cars back. I kept going up to pinning the needle at 120. He was buses behind but was still trying to keep up maxing the car out. Was funny.


I get some kind of action every weekend. Bout to just get one of those cameras that stick to the truck.


Also saw a corvette zr1 on saturday night. All I can say is OMFG it sounded sooo nasty (in a goog way).

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