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My Optimus Primed SS Phoenix Az

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Its an 05 silverado SS with AWD it has a tvs1900 maggie 3.3 pulley magnaflow exhaust.. just picked it up a few weeks ago and it need a lot of work..I plan on bringing it back to life. I nick named it Optimus Primed because as of now it has an ugly gray primered paint job..My father does body work so we plan on painting it a nice silver.. it came with some 24 dub big homies (super heavy)..as soon as I got it I put all my stereo system stuff from my avalanche in it.. right now it has a pioneer 7" in dash and 4 jl audio 10s powered by an older RF X7 mono amp (1500 rms)


I always wanted one of these and now that i have one i can't wait to start on it... I'm glad to be a part of this forum and i look forward to learning a lot off all the help and advice i can get...

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Thanks to everyone...I can't figure out how to add a photo to the thread


If you have a smart phone you should download an app called tapatalk. It makes it wayyy easier to use!!

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