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First off I want to say that I have had 4 vehicles in the past tuned by Zippy, and they were all bang on. Sent the factory tune, a log, and within a day or two I had his tune back in the vehicles and running great. He is always there to answer any engine/tranny related question I had aside from tuning questions. I called and emailed many times about different motors, getting his opinion on camshafts and other bolts ons for my vehicles. Heck he even gave me a recommendation for my old Pontiac 400 in my GTO!


I recently dropped a 6.0 in place of my 5.3 in my 2007 GMC, put a cam that he recommended and used his list of part numbers that I was going to need to remove DOD and VVT. This was all more than anyone should expect when paying the small amount he charges to tune their vehicle.


So my question is, other people who are getting him to tune a vehicle that has been modified and needs more than one or two updates, does it usually take a while? I think we started tuning this motor back at the end of March. Its now near the end of May and not finished. How long does it normally take to get a vehicle running well? I did add headers and exhaust recently as I just want the tuning done and not have to go through this in a few months again if I had put them on at a later date.


I know he is an extremely knowledgeable guy when it comes to tuning and modifying vehicles, but I'm just curious if it takes this long for everyone?

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We've got 8 tunes in it so far.

Currently I haven't been driving the truck to work, it works fine and actually makes just as good fuel mileage as my 5.3 does on a highway. But I can't safely drive it in the city. When I start it up the first time of the day it will usually stall once before I get it out of the garage then once I do get it moving it surges and the rpm jumps up and down 300-500rpm on a steady cruise until the motor is up to operating temp. Command start rarely starts the truck, it tries but won't. I have to have my foot on the gas to start it, unless its +15 or more celcius outside. If I sit and idle in traffic it has a habit to not take off when I hit the gas. It will sit and sputter at 1000-1200rpm for 10-15 seconds before moving, pedal to the floor does nothing and you must be very very gentle and ease into it. How safe is that when trying to make a left turn at an intersection?


I have a few friends wanting tunes to their vehicles but don't want to touch anything if they have to wait 2 months like I have. I guess it must be mod season for everyone and they all want new tunes. I received my last update on May 9th, thats over 2 weeks...

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