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ABS light and !Brake light issue

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Wasssup guys been a while.


I've searched and came up with about 100 possible issues, haha. This is a run down on what happened and all help is appreciated.


about 200 miles ago, the abs light started intermitently chiming and the cluster went bad (Speedometer was getting stuck). Then the !brake light would come on and then off under light braking, so I checked the fluid and everything was ok. Finally got Chevy to replace the cluster as truck has 55K miles (it's an 05 SS with intake, exhaust, tune, 180* thermostat, and bored Throttle Body).


Chevy fixes the cluster and when they went to do the inspection on the truck there was no power to OBDII. All the parameters would pass, but were flipping between yes/no constantly and therefore failed to communicate with DMV. They said the ABS was bad. We finally got everything to communicate and the codes cleared---now DMV does not "Recognize the vehicle---they said that it was because it had an aftermarket tune. in 5 years there has been no issues. After driving today with the cleared codes...the same ABS !Brake lights have came back. They started chiming and would go off when I was completely idle with foot on the brake....after sitting at a stoplight they came on and now stay on again. Any idea where I should start looking??? ****Important when they checked for codes with the lights on, there were NO CODES*** I've also had the red battery flash at me a few times.


I have an aftermarket radio with a Scosche warning chime connection thingy-ma-bob, that I think might be causing an issue as when key to "On" the chimes sound WEAK...and then intermitent.....so I'm wondering if since it communicates with EBCM, theres a short in it. Also is it possible there's a bad ground in the electrical system causing this???


Thanks guys

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Aight guys, hopefully this will help someone else with another solution. Sooooo Chevy has had this thing on and off for about 3 total weeks and to the sum of about 300.00 getting it diagnosed....and in 10 minutes of thinking really hard and about 3 days of searching with no answer I fixed the problem in about 15 minutes.


When they replaced the cluster they knocked loose the connection at the scosche warning chime thingy-ma-bob. Checked all the connections and viola!!! no ABS and no !Brake lights....also no codes after about 15 miles of driving. Total communication with the OBDII. Thanks guys, I hope this might help someone in the future and also saved me 974.00 in parts and labor to replace perfectly fine ABS componets.

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