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High 4 Headlight Kit


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Look I have been killing myself on this forum trying to find out how to do the 4 Hi Head lights on my truck - THE RIGHT WAY -. Im not saying that you all are doing it the wrong way. I just dont want to hok up the diode and than find out a week or a year down the road the the diode failed and I have to do it again.


Here is the 4 Hi kit from stylin trucks, plug-n-play comes with everything you need.


Hope this works, and remember you get what you pay for.

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Just do a search this is a very old topic and it has been covered with pics and diagrams and if you cant find it here search the web I guarantee you will find more than you need.


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stylin trucks have the mod, $30. I understand that the diode can work at a cheaper cost but know one knows how many ohms the diode is, just that its a 1/4 watt. What happens when one of us gets the wrong ohm and we melt it? Yes I understand "no big deal the lights will just go back to the factory way". It the trial and error I was just trying to stay away from. And I know you all have been using the diode for years with no problems, maybe you where lucky and picked out the correct ohm 1/4 watt diode.


Im just in the middle of my research and I think the mod from Stylin Trucks is good. I know its $30 but if you have a Silverado SS or TBSS and your on this forum than $30 is not even a drop in the bucket. Remember you get what you pay for.

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Its a diode or one way check valve for electricity not a resistor. And each relay sinks less than 10mA of current. Therefore there is no big current tax on the diode and the light function as normal OEM operation. The stylling method draw power post relays sinking up to 30amps ... So in then end the stylling method is more harmfull than the diode way.

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