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AC Cycling


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Looking to see if it's something simple like a pressure switch, or low refrigerant before going to the pro's.


Here the situation - At idle the compressor stays engaged and I have a low side reading of 32 psi and a high side reading of 200 psi and the vent air is only blowing 80F (ambient was 90F).


Then get the rpm's up to 1500 rpm and the compressor starts to cycle. Low side gets to about 85 psi and the compressor kicks in and the pressure drops to about 25 psi. The high side cycles between 150 and 200 psi. Not that the vent air is ever very cold, but there is of course a slight difference between when it cycles on and off. The frequency of the cycling is probably near every 5 seconds.


I'm thinking that I'm low and I'm shutting down the compressor on the low side but wanted to get some feedback/confirmation.



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32 psi wont trip the low pressure switch.but when the engine rpm goes up the pressures normally drop going too low and tripping your low pressure switch.at 90 degrees you low pressure should be about 45 psi.you need to get your system leak checked, vacuumed and recharged......

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