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Weekend of fun again.


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I'll keep it short. Caught a neon srt4 at a light and at the same light a Subaru wrx. Light turned green and I ended up spanking both of em by 2 trucks. Thought it was funny cause all you could hear was BoVs but they wernt running that fast. Then on the way in to work this morning caught a brand New civic si. Went from a light and I let him get a car ahead before I smashed it. Couldn't pass till 75+ but once there i was gone up to pinning the speedo. Stock civic si gave me more run for my money then the other cars with mods. Who woulda thought.

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LOL every weekend dude...I need a slipping sepentine like some of you guys have :wink: then its game on. My foots way too heavy to have big mods like that. I would blow something up. Thanks! :jester:

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