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Show truck lights

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I know it is very illegal in every state, but i'm "in the business" so I should be fine. I know i can find them on ebay and amazon I just wanted to know if anyone has done it or knows of nice brands to look for.

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If your going to invest in lighting equipment dont go thru Ebay unless it is name brand stuff.


For A Strobe kit I would go with the whelen competition series kit. It runs about $225 or so after shipping and comes with the strobe power supply, 4 15 foot cables and 4 light heads. For grill lights, I Run 4 Linear 3 LED Light heads. Im going to tell you now, you will spend anywhere from $50 being really low to $80 a light. As long as you are parking in a a parking lot with a show going on you wont be arrested for impersonation. If yo8u go to any lot and just turn your lights on you can be arrested.



Heres my setup.


Whelen Competition strobe kit. 1 strobe in each front parking light, and one in each reverse light.

Two Whelen Microthins in the back window.

4 WheleLinear 3 LED grill lights

1 LED quad Dash Light with Priority optics.


I can send you links to where I bought mine, and it will also gibve you other options and an idea of whats out there.


Heres a video of my truck.





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That is pretty awesome. I used to have some blue strobes in my old eclipse turbo and had made a few cars move out the way so I can pass. Stupid kid and luckily I never got in trouble!


I have a retarded buddy who bought some LED lights after he saw mine, he turns his on in trafic when he wants to go around. I have warned him several times and just dont listen. I only use mine when en route to an emergency, its definitly not worth getting arrested for impersonating and ruining my career.

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Go LED, they use 1/4 of the power of strobes, and are just as bright as strobes, even more so during daylight IMO..........I have a conversion done on my Tahoe, 6 Whelen Vertex hideaways(2 front, 4 rear), 2 Whelen 400's(grill), 4 Whelen Slim Miser's(2 front, 2 rear), and a Whelen Alpha 12 Low Profile siren w/Whelen Projector speaker.....

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