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Is this steering clunk?


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I'm a fairly new owner, only had it for a couple months. I knew about the steering clunk problem and looked for it during the test drive. Perfectly fine. Well I just started to notice something in the steering. I Woudln't describe it as a clunk, but maybe that's coming. The word I'd use is pop. I can hear a noise, and feel a "pop" sensation in the steering wheel. Is this the common steering clunk problem?

What is the best solution for this now? I have found many threads on the topic some with various different answers to how this can be fixed ranging from expensive trips to the dealer to nearly free installations of a grease fitting and filling the steering shaft with grease. Some of the threads are very old, SO I don't know if newer methods have been found that are more effective.

I've only been observing the probelm for about 2-3 days now, it just started like that and seems to be getting progresively worse, and very very fast at that. Beginning of this week the steering was silent and solid. Now it pops about a dozen times from lock to lock pretty consistently.

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Yes, there is a replacement shaft available, but it's so easy to do the "shaft manipulation" method, I never bothered. Unbolt the intermediate shaft, push it in and out toward the firewall 10 or so times, and rebolt it. Just be sure the steering wheel doesn't rotate. Easy stuff. Good luck! :chevy:

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You can get the shaft from GMpartsdirect for $65 shipped. For the fix, its only another way for GM to get out of fixing it the right way. I did this twice to mine and it only lasted for a month or so. After I got my new intermediate shaft and compared it to the old one, you will see what the "FIX" isnt worth it. After the swap the steering is so much tighter, no slop. It literally is a completly different truck once the new one is in.

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