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back into a silverado ss located in new jersey

ted gerlach

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i had an 03 blue silverado ss that i loved but i killed it wioth eveything i did to it towing a 14k inclosed car trailer loading it up with scrap metal to take to the junk yard, so i traded in on a 4 door 1500hd, well thats where it all went down hill, that truck was a mess and i dumped way to much money in it so i sold it and bought an 08 gmc 2500 hd desial crew cab, loved the truck but just way more than i need it for, so yesterday i traded it in on an 05 awd silver silverado ss with 49k miles on it,

the ss was a garaged kept, never driven in snow or bad weather, drove 3 hours one way to look at it then 4 hours back in traffic, the trucks only mod is a soft bed cover, it looks just as good from 20 feet as it does at 5 even the inside of the crome rims are mint,

i ordered from the dealer a couple silverado decals [want to put under the ss on the doors] and factory vent visors, also going to put a brake control in and order the led under tailgate brake light,

thinking about a cowl hood but not sure, also looking for winter wheels dont want to destroy the crome ones,

i just might find the reason to clean out the 2 car garage and put it in there, next to the 56 victoria i have, and buy a winter 4x4 beater

have pics just need to figure out how to attach them,

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pick up a 4x4 beater / new tow rig, its a 95 2500 4x4 big block suburban,

decided that i am going to do a couple things to the truck is a spray in bedliner... possilby the carpeted liner with a mat. and get rid of the bedliner thats in there now, and factory fog lights with custom made brackets, i have the side caps with the extended wing from my old blue ss but i am thinking about selling it, dont know what to do the truck is so nice dont want to mess with it,

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welcome MA! man that sounds like my story with my 05 silverbirtch SS i drove 3 hours 1 way (to CT) for it and it had 50K on it, and it was always garraged kept and looks great from a distance and up close! and i think you should get a cowl hood for it! it would look great i got one for mine heres a couple pics to share with ya! hood makes the truck stand out alot!







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ok hood is back in play, just had it tinted side windows and front windshield, bear brakes are next on the list forgot how much i liked them on th e03 i had,

there is a much bigger story behind the original truck, everything from you cant the wife is prego to now with the new truck and 4 kids later,

tryed to put up pics keep getting message of [pics to big] what do i need to do? and remember i and not a computer savy person,

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