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i want to just launch..

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in this case i think the turbo size can play more of role in the converter then the cam. Hopefully Reynaldo can chime in with his FI experiance.


Are you launching off boost? Have you raced it and got a 60 foot time?


you have a ls1 in the truck? why did you lose the 6.0?

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Figured the turbo would be important lol i'm not learned up on all that. Bigger turbo = higher stall?


Thats what i'm thinking is more important then cam as well, but i to am not learned up on a lot of FI stuff, so I'm hoping a guy like Reynaldo can chime in with his turbo/motor/dyno/tuning experience

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Yup, like a few have said, once you are fi the biggest factor in determining stall size is the method of boost not cam. You want your stall speed to match the beginning load range of your choice in fi.


I.e. radix have low stall to take advantage of the low end boost/torque.


With a Turbo, you want your stall to be +/- 200 rpm where your full boost comes in. This will take full advantage of your torque curve. The next factor should be whether you will be flat footing it at launch or brake stalling. The former requires a looser stall, the latter will require less.


My best launch has been by brake stalling. Full boost on my truck comes in at 3000rpm, I run a pi 3200 9.5" TC.

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Thanks guys for yalls interest in helping me out. The turbo is a magnum AR.60. 81mm ball bearing. It builds boost slow when I am brake stalling. I have a 3200 tight stall from circle d. I have been told I should of kept my 60e instead of going with the 80e. It creates boost quick while moving but I want a fast take off. I have not ran it at the track. What else do y'all need to know?

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