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Sell your truck..... Sell it! Pleaseeeee?

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sell it.


i want my damn shop truck back! lol.

























no. but serioursly.




-This has been a public annoyance brought to you by Kelley Automotive and Performance-

We thank you for your unforunate, for you, cooperation- if you opened this page.

We are sorry, and no refunds on those 37 seconds of your life!

Have a nice day :D

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LMAO, again man, sincere sorry's to you and Andrew, I just couldn't let it go...



yeah its all good, im just being an **** :jester:


Lol. Hallandale beach that's up around holloywood right? That's not that far from homestead.

yessir its south of hollywood right north of aventura. id say about 45-60 min from homestead. ask taylor (blown907ss) he drives that drive like every day to work lol. he doesnt seem to mind

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