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2014 Silverado SS REVEALED!!!


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Well, maybe not. After seeing the rendering by Paul Kim that was posted of the 2014 Silverado, I gave it a shot. Even if they don't create one, this might give someone a base to make 1 off. Also, name those mods! Enjoy!


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As cool as it would be if they made another SS, I would almost rather see and Raptor fighter instead of a SS. A 1500 with a badass suspension, beefy tires, and the 6.2.


Can you photoshop something like that? :cool:


I keep seeing Raptors and start thinking about how cool it would be to have one and how is wish GM would make one because as bad as I want one I dont think i can go over to the darkside

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They actually did concept of something like that for the current nnbs. It was a sale Earnhardt jr. Edition



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Yep they did


And GMC mad this totaly Badass concept truck too. The All Terrain HD with the Damax. Man I wish they would make this, or a version of this with the 2014's


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i seen the zr2 silverado concept before. i thought that was gonna be in raptor category. not to fond of a silverado with a "zr2" name though. kinda lame its almost all same body parts as regular silverado. one thing that makes the raptor so cool is its all special body panels and its exclusive to that truck only



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the wheels and suspension look killer and the bottom of the body looks like rocker guards all around. just wish it had different fenders and bedsides. stick on flares can burn in hell :M16:


I feel the same way. Salt catchers is all they are.



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