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Boost + water/meth + motor build

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Alright guys, I have an 03 SS with very little miles and looking to do some mods. Installing a new valve train with a sweet cam and lifters and the whole deal. Also installing a single turbo kit (not quite which turbo kit yet, most likely STS). Along with the turbo will go a water/meth kit from snow performance. Yes, I know the 4L65E will take a shit not long after all this haha but I'm looking for someone to talk to about a tuner for all this stuff going on. I would like to have a tuner to take care of the new valve train, electronically control boost, and also a separate tune for the water/meth. I know the diablo sport tuner allows you to control the boost but don't think the diablo is quite what I need. Maybe thinking about getting some custom tunes from EFI live? Also don't know of anyone who can flash my ECM??? Hook me up!! Thanks

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Well. That's a lot of into to go over. It doesn't matter that you are going to be running meth. All you need is a tuner that knows what they are doing. I run straight meth in my setup and I have had tunes done by both zippy and Wheatley from this site. They both did an excellent job! They both use hptuners. You will need to have a wideband that you can log into your logging software also.

Last question? Why an sts setup? The kits are Awsome for a first timer. I have zero doubts in that. I had a sts on my truck for almost three years. But once you get the concept of the system, there is some serious upgrades you can do. Like a front mount setup. If you have any mechanical skills, you can build a front mount setup.

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