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my 4l80 swap parts for your 4l60 parts ....


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looking to swap my 4l80 stuff for your stock AWD ss stuff. this will be EVERYTHING you need besides the segment swap you will need in your tune. this will be as close as it gets to a bolt on package as you will get.


what you will get...

-4l80e trans with hd2 shift kit

-tcs 4l80 billet converter stalls at 2800 off the brake

-stock transfer case with time2kill's 4l80 adapter installed

-shortened rear drive shaft

-longer front drive shaft

-wiring harness for the trans to the computer

-trans cooler lines

-4l80 dip stick tube and dip stick.

-modded cross member to accept the 4l80


what i need from you...

-stock 4l60 trans in good working order

-4l60 converter in good working order

-stock transfer case

-trans cooler lines

-stock cross member

-stock front and rear driveshafts

-4l60 dip stick and tube


im looking at getting $3k plus your parts. ill pay shipping on my end you pay shipping on your end. last time i shipped a motor freight on a pallet it was around $200 so i would guess it will cost at least that if not a lil more. let me know if you interested. i will be ready to pull everything in a couple weeks if all goes good. if i can get this sold and moved out i will continue to part the truck out but not till this is sold . not only will this save you a crap ton of research and time tracking parts down but you wont have to get your stock stuff modded its all done for you.

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