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FS: GMPP/Lingenfelter 243 LS6 Ported & Polished Cylinder Head

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due to all the volume of builds and parts that have come through the shop, i somehow ended up with ONE LS6 243 cylinder head... lol. it started out life as a GMPP catolouge LS6 ported and polished head (think they port intake runners out to 225cc, exhaust to 85cc... cant recall but think thats it). they run about $690/head wholesale. THEN the head was sent to Lingenfelter and milled to 61cc combustion chambers, and polished some more. GM part number is 88958622, Lingenfelter number is LPELS6435. the head has LS2 valve springs on it, LS6 hollow sodium filled valves... the head is NEW never installed. below is a picture of the spec card with ALL the details. since this is just ONE head i am willing to let it go CHEAP. so PM me reasonable offers. all you need to do is order another 243 LS6 head from GMPP and mill it to have a set. or you could have a shop match a 243 to it, wouldnt be too hard. asking $400 OBO.

John :cheers:


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