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LED Conversion


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Wow Alex looks great bro

Thanks man... I'll have to get some better pics once I get my Pioneer double din installed.


Looks awesome!


DIY or did you send everything out? I dig the look but don't have the patience to pull everything apart. Lol

I did it myself... It was a lengthy process... But not that difficult. Though I did break the airbag switch, got so frustrated I just broke it.

At least it was cheap to replace!

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Very, Very nice !!! Love it man....

Thanks! I love it too


Looks sick. Probably one of the coolest mods a guy can do

Agreed and one of the cheapest! lol.

Unless of course u f*ck up like I did on a couple of pieces lol.

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looks good, especially in person. definitely has nearly no hot spots compared to many ive seen done... it was a good job :thumbs: this is one of our favorite mods too. actually cooking up someones LEDs on the desk right now :D


I've seen ur work as well... and damn it came out awesome! wanna talk about no hot spots! U put some serious work and thought into ur conversion! :thumbsup:

anyone thinking of having some one do it... I would say go with John.

I'd do 'er.


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