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Kraus' New NNBS


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Hey guys! Even though I recently sold my 03 Victory Red! Sometimes when life changes so do our vehicles! Anyhow here a few pics I snapped today of the Kraus' 2013 Silverado LT! Let the modding begin. And it's going up this time With 6' lift and 35's!

Also sporting the

-MAX trailer Package

-Leather 40/20/40 Seating - I love the bench seat!

-Lt Model - I think the gauges look better then the LTZ

-And of course the BEST THING THE 6.2 MONSTER!




Lets see some opinions on what to do first! haha

BTW 4x4 stickers are coming off and tint this weekend!

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With selling my original SSS and trading in the camaro for the nnbs I wound up saving around 450$ a month. I couldn't say no. But unfortunately the camaro market looks to be falling fast so I wanted out of the car before loosing my A$$ on it later. And plus I get a really nice reliable truck. This is Mrs. Kraus' daily driver. I can't complain marrying a truck girl. It has it perks for sure! Haha

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