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Just to let some of you guys know as the proud owner of LS1 Edit Tuner package we will be fiddling around early next week with some mods before the Blower goes on ect... Based on the improvements we have seen with the C5 and Camaros it stands to reason that 15RWHP could be had. I'll let anyone interested know if its worth putzing with... :chevy: I was able to get 25+RWHP out of my 5.3 Yukon with modified program, but that factory program was not performance based so I would expect less from the SS.


We will be changing the shift points, rev limiter, down shift programing and other fun stuff.. If things go right I'll try and get some performance data from my Vericom for a performance based before and after.

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Just a quick question MNC5 how did you set your tranny up just curious you might give me a good starting point.  Thanks :cheers:



Motor looks nice can not wait to see a dyno sheet on that baby. :jester:

I raised the pressure, reduced torque mgmt, raised the shift points and modified the kick down shift points.


If youve got LS1 edit a few suggestions if your new to it


1. Save your base program in its own directory. (So you can always go back to it)

2. Use the cursor to highlight the areas you want to change and use the add value box in the lower right.. ie raising the shift points by 3mph or what ever. I think its roughly 200rpm per mph in 1st less in second ect.. I raised my shift points and lowered the kickdown points and reduced torque mgmt.

3. Bumped the line pressure..

4. You'll have to raise the rev limiter a bit to raise the shift points much in 1st.

5. Take small steps



Good luck :smash:

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