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We Are A Chevrolet Family


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I walked outside and it hit me that my family owns nothing but Chevys! Hah




(From left to right): My truck, Moms truck, Dads truck, and Sisters truck. And if you look closely behind my truck, you can see my sister's boyfriends truck....which is also an old Chevy truck.


And inside the shop in the background there's My dad's slammed '52 chevy with an LQ9 6.0




And my dad's '57 Chevy Gasser. What can I say? Chevys are great vehicles!

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Looks great haha. You live on a farm it looks awesome there man I love it.

Thanks 25 acres of pistachio trees ha


Considering your Dad's rides sounds like you were born to be a rodder / car guy. :thumbsup:

Yup, grew up around hotrods and old cars. It runs in the family hah

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Nice! Same with my pops he's always been a chevy guy. We had 2 90's silverado single beds with 350s (sold) but now he misses them and looking for a 454. I drive my 04 Silverado which my dad bought new and passed it to me with 54k, mom has a 04 surburban w/90k fully loaded and he drives a 2012 Chevy Cruze Ltz. He once bought 04 Audi a4 quattro but didn't last long till his water pump went out at 55k and paid 1800 for replacement and sold it right away lol. My lil bro is a Jr in hightschool but he's straight brains and asked for a 2014 Impala. Like they say Chevy Runs Deep!

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I have a 54 Chevy and that's the look I am going for with it.More pics of the 55 pick up please that thing looks sweet.




It's a 54 Chevy 5 window, Factory automatic. Found it in the middle of a field out in the country for $1500. Put some lowering blocks in the back and a drop front axle on the front and threw some wheels and tires on it and that's it. She's done how she sits. Runs and drives great!

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