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Wheel opinions.


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Ok so first off, I'm broke so I have to horse trade myself into what I want when I want it.... Whose few ppl that read my into thread know this. I also do not want 22" wheels because I like the ride I have now. I currently have black with polished lip boss 330's on my 04 silverado (not ss) but I'm more of a clean factory wheel kinda guy. I love the ss wheels, but they're way out of budget ($150 ish a wheel means about $600 out of budget. Lol) so anyway, I had a guy come into my store today with an 08 ish LTZ Tahoe with the plain aluminum 20's.... He had a flat, and was buying tools to change it. Before he left we started talking about trading wheels. I told him I'd give him the boss 330's with decent tires and I'd take his wheels (including the flat tire as I have 2 spare tires in the garage) and he seems pretty interested. My question is should I do it? Do people ever trade ss wheels for these Tahoe rims?


Anyway, I'm going to attempt to post a picture of my truck and the horrible pic of his Tahoe just so we can be on the same page as to what wheel he has.



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Actually seen some members with those wheels on their rides GM now a days have some pretty nice stock rims. Anyway I am seeing people pay good money for stock rims you might want to gain a profit trade but with some cash. Gets you closer to your goal I saw an ad in craigs list in Amarillo Texas with stock ss rims $1500 Grey and some black ss rims for $1200 might help you out

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That guy is also 5+ hour drive. I don't even have to have real ss rims, I'm cool with replicas.. So my "plan b" is to have my wife and/or parents get me 1 rim each time a gift giving time comes around. The boss 330's look good, just not what I want. So I'm honestly not in too much of a hurry.


It's just that this possible deal came up do I was getting opinions on the Tahoe rims.

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